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Command elprep

elPrep is a high-performance tool for analyzing .sam/.bam files for variant calling in sequencing pipelines.

Please see https://github.com/exascience/elprep for a documentation of the tool, and below (and/or https://godoc.org/github.com/ExaScience/elprep) for the API documentation.

Package Files



bedPackage bed is a library for parsing and representing BED files.
cmdPackage cmd provides implementations for the elprep command line.
fastaPackage fasta is a library for parsing and representing FASTA files, and creating and reading elfasta files.
filtersPackage filters defines filters for .sam/.bam sequencing pipelines.
internalPackage internal provides additional utility functions that are needed in elPrep.
intervalsPackage intervals is a library for representing genomic intervals, and for creating and reading elsites files.
samPackage sam is a library for parsing and representing SAM files, and for efficiently executing sequencing pipelines on .sam/.bam files, taking advantage of modern multi-core processors.
utilsPackage utils provides utility functions and types that are needed in elprep.
utils/bgzfpackge bgzf provides readers and writers for BGZF files.
utils/nibblesPackage nibbles is a library for representing sequences of 4-bit values.
vcfPackage vcf is a library for for parsing, representing, and writing VCF files.

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