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package blank

import ""


Package Files

blank.go config.go provisioner.go

type Blank Uses

type Blank struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Blank is the main entity

func NewBlank Uses

func NewBlank(addr string, debug bool, configFile string) (*Blank, error)

NewBlank initializes a new BlankEditor

func (*Blank) Start Uses

func (b *Blank) Start() error

Start initializes thrust and starts the http server

func (*Blank) Stop Uses

func (b *Blank) Stop()

Stop tears down all components and finally stops thrust and webserver

type DefaultProvisioner Uses

type DefaultProvisioner struct{}

func NewDefaultProvisioner Uses

func NewDefaultProvisioner() DefaultProvisioner

func (DefaultProvisioner) Provision Uses

func (tp DefaultProvisioner) Provision() error



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