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package fat103

import "github.com/Factom-Asset-Tokens/factom/fat103"


Package Files

sign.go validate.go

func Sign Uses

func Sign(e factom.Entry, signingSet ...factom.RCDSigner) factom.Entry

Sign the RCD/Sig ID Salt + Timestamp Salt + Chain ID Salt + Content of the factom.Entry and add the RCD + signature pairs for the given addresses to the ExtIDs. This clears any existing ExtIDs.

func Validate Uses

func Validate(e factom.Entry, expected map[factom.Bytes32]struct{},
    whitelist ...factom.RCDType) error

Validate validates the structure of the ExtIDs of the factom.Entry to make sure that it has a valid timestamp salt and a valid set of RCD/signature pairs.

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