devserverPackage devserver makes it easy to view statically generated websites and automatically rebuild them when source data changes.
harnessPackage harness provides a simple way to test goldsmith plugins and filters.
plugins/absolutePackage absolute converts relative file references in HTML documents to absolute paths.
plugins/breadcrumbsPackage breadcrumbs generates metadata required to enable breadcrumb navigation.
plugins/collectionPackage collection groups related pages into named collections.
plugins/documentPackage document enables simple HTML modification via callback via "goquery", an API similar to "jquery".
plugins/exifPackage exif extracts EXIF metadata stored in JPG and PNG files.
plugins/frontmatterPackage frontmatter extracts the metadata stored in your files.
plugins/indexPackage index creates metadata for directory listings and generates index pages for every directory which contains other files.
plugins/layoutPackage layout transforms content by applying Go templates to the content and metadata of HTML files.
plugins/livejsPackage livejs injects code to reload the current page when it (or its dependencies) are modified.
plugins/markdownPackage markdown renders Markdown documents to HTML with the "blackfriday" processor.
plugins/minifyPackage minify removes superfluous data from a variety of web formats without modifying their behavior in web browsers.
plugins/pagerPackage pager splits arrays of metadata into standalone pages.
plugins/summaryPackage summary generates a summary and title for HTML files using CSS selectors.
plugins/syntaxPackage syntax generates syntax highlighting for preformatted code blocks using the "chroma" processor.
plugins/tagsPackage tags builds tag clouds from file metadata.
plugins/thumbnailPackage thumbnail automatically generates thumbnails for a variety of common image formats and saves them to a user-configurable path.

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