absolutePackage absolute converts relative file references in HTML documents to absolute paths.
breadcrumbsPackage breadcrumbs generates metadata required to enable breadcrumb navigation.
collectionPackage collection groups related pages into named collections.
documentPackage document enables simple HTML modification via callback via "goquery", an API similar to "jquery".
exifPackage exif extracts EXIF metadata stored in JPG and PNG files.
frontmatterPackage frontmatter extracts the metadata stored in your files.
indexPackage index creates metadata for directory listings and generates index pages for every directory which contains other files.
layoutPackage layout transforms content by applying Go templates to the content and metadata of HTML files.
livejsPackage livejs injects code to reload the current page when it (or its dependencies) are modified.
markdownPackage markdown renders Markdown documents to HTML with the "blackfriday" processor.
minifyPackage minify removes superfluous data from a variety of web formats without modifying their behavior in web browsers.
pagerPackage pager splits arrays of metadata into standalone pages.
summaryPackage summary generates a summary and title for HTML files using CSS selectors.
syntaxPackage syntax generates syntax highlighting for preformatted code blocks using the "chroma" processor.
tagsPackage tags builds tag clouds from file metadata.
thumbnailPackage thumbnail automatically generates thumbnails for a variety of common image formats and saves them to a user-configurable path.

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