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package cfg

import ""


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var (
    FailStatus            = 400
    SuccessStatus         = 200
    ContentHTML           = "text/html; charset=utf-8"
    ContentTypeHeader     = "Content-Type"
    StatusCodeHeader      = "Status"
    QueryCacheKey         = "cache_key"
    QueryCacheDuration    = "cache_duration"
    QueryCacheStatusCode  = "cache_status_code"
    QueryCacheContentType = "cache_content_type"
    RequestCacheTimeout   = 5 * time.Second

The constants be used by both client and server

var MinimumCacheDuration = 2 * time.Second

MinimumCacheDuration is the minimum duration from time.Now which is allowed between cache save and cache clear

var NoCacheHeader = "X-No-Cache"

NoCacheHeader is the static header key which is setted to the response when NoCache is called, used inside nethttp and fhttp Skippers.

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