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package chi

import "github.com/GoAdminGroup/go-admin/adapter/chi"


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func Content Uses

func Content(handler HandlerFunc) http.HandlerFunc

type Chi Uses

type Chi struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Chi structure value is a Chi GoAdmin adapter.

func (*Chi) AddHandler Uses

func (ch *Chi) AddHandler(method, path string, plug plugins.Plugin)

func (*Chi) Content Uses

func (ch *Chi) Content(ctx interface{}, getPanelFn types.GetPanelFn)

func (*Chi) GetCookie Uses

func (ch *Chi) GetCookie() (string, error)

func (*Chi) Method Uses

func (ch *Chi) Method() string

func (*Chi) Name Uses

func (ch *Chi) Name() string

func (*Chi) Path Uses

func (ch *Chi) Path() string

func (*Chi) PjaxHeader Uses

func (ch *Chi) PjaxHeader() string

func (*Chi) Redirect Uses

func (ch *Chi) Redirect()

func (*Chi) SetApp Uses

func (ch *Chi) SetApp(app interface{}) error

func (*Chi) SetContentType Uses

func (ch *Chi) SetContentType()

func (*Chi) SetContext Uses

func (ch *Chi) SetContext(contextInterface interface{}) adapter.WebFrameWork

func (*Chi) Use Uses

func (ch *Chi) Use(router interface{}, plugs []plugins.Plugin) error

func (*Chi) User Uses

func (ch *Chi) User(ci interface{}) (models.UserModel, bool)

func (*Chi) Write Uses

func (ch *Chi) Write(body []byte)

type Context Uses

type Context struct {
    Request  *http.Request
    Response http.ResponseWriter

Context wraps the Request and Response object of Chi.

type HandleFun Uses

type HandleFun func(pattern string, handlerFn http.HandlerFunc)

HandleFun is type of route methods of chi.

type HandlerFunc Uses

type HandlerFunc func(ctx Context) (types.Panel, error)

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