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package datamodel

import "github.com/GoAdminGroup/go-admin/examples/datamodel"


Package Files

authors.go content.go mysql_types.go posts.go tables.go user.go


var Generators = map[string]table.Generator{
    "posts":   GetPostsTable,
    "authors": GetAuthorsTable,

generators is a map of table models.

The key of generators is the prefix of table info url. The corresponding value is the Form and TableName data.



"posts" => http://localhost:9033/admin/info/posts "authors" => http://localhost:9033/admin/info/authors

func GetAllTypesTable Uses

func GetAllTypesTable() table.Table

GetAllTypesTable return the model of table types.

func GetAuthorsTable Uses

func GetAuthorsTable() (authorsTable table.Table)

GetAuthorsTable return the model of table author.

func GetContent Uses

func GetContent() (types.Panel, error)

GetContent return the content of index page.

func GetPostsTable Uses

func GetPostsTable() (postsTable table.Table)

GetPostsTable return the model of table posts.

func GetUserTable Uses

func GetUserTable() (userTable table.Table)

GetUserTable return the model of table user.

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