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package language

import "github.com/GoAdminGroup/go-admin/modules/language"


Package Files

cn.go en.go jp.go language.go tc.go


var (
    EN  = language.English.String()
    CN  = language.Chinese.String()
    JP  = language.Japanese.String()
    TC  = language.TraditionalChinese.String()
var Lang = LangMap{
    language.Chinese.String():            cn,
    language.English.String():            en,
    language.Japanese.String():           jp,
    language.TraditionalChinese.String(): tc,

    "cn": cn,
    "en": en,
    "jp": jp,
    "tc": tc,

Lang is the global LangMap.

var Langs = [...]string{EN, CN, JP, TC}

func Add Uses

func Add(key string, lang map[string]string)

Add add a language package to the Lang.

func AppendTo Uses

func AppendTo(lang string, set map[string]string)

AppendTo add more language translations to the given language set.

func FixedLanguageKey Uses

func FixedLanguageKey(key string) string

func Get Uses

func Get(value string) string

Get return the value of default scope.

func GetFromHtml Uses

func GetFromHtml(value template.HTML, scopes ...string) template.HTML

GetFromHtml return the value of given scopes and template.HTML value.

func GetWithLang Uses

func GetWithLang(value, lang string) string

GetWithLang return the value of given language set.

func GetWithScope Uses

func GetWithScope(value string, scopes ...string) string

GetWithScope return the value of given scopes.

func GetWithScopeAndLanguageSet Uses

func GetWithScopeAndLanguageSet(value, lang string, scopes ...string) string

GetWithScopeAndLanguageSet return the value of given scopes and language set.

func JoinScopes Uses

func JoinScopes(scopes []string) string

func WithScopes Uses

func WithScopes(value string, scopes ...string) string

WithScopes join scopes prefix and the value.

type LangMap Uses

type LangMap map[string]LangSet

LangMap is the map of language packages.

func (LangMap) Get Uses

func (lang LangMap) Get(value string) string

Get get the value from LangMap.

func (LangMap) GetWithScope Uses

func (lang LangMap) GetWithScope(value string, scopes ...string) string

GetWithScope get the value from LangMap with given scopes.

type LangSet Uses

type LangSet map[string]string

func (LangSet) Add Uses

func (l LangSet) Add(key, value string)

func (LangSet) Combine Uses

func (l LangSet) Combine(set LangSet) LangSet

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