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package logger

import "github.com/GoAdminGroup/go-admin/modules/logger"


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func Access Uses

func Access(ctx *context.Context)

Access print the access message.

func Error Uses

func Error(err ...interface{})

Error print the error message.

func Info Uses

func Info(info ...interface{})

Info print the info message.

func LogSQL Uses

func LogSQL(statement string, args []interface{})

LogSQL print the sql info message.

func OpenSQLLog Uses

func OpenSQLLog()

OpenSQLLog set the sqlLogOpen true.

func SetAccessLogger Uses

func SetAccessLogger(path string, debug, isAccessLogOn bool)

SetAccessLogger set the access logger.

func SetErrorLogger Uses

func SetErrorLogger(path string, debug, isErrorLogOn bool)

SetErrorLogger set the error logger.

func SetInfoLogger Uses

func SetInfoLogger(path string, debug, isInfoLogOn bool)

SetInfoLogger set the info logger.

func SetLogger Uses

func SetLogger(kind, path string, debug bool)

SetLogger set the logger.

func Warn Uses

func Warn(info ...interface{})

Warn print the warning message.

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