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package controller

import "github.com/GoAdminGroup/go-admin/plugins/admin/controller"


Package Files

Update.go api_create.go api_detail.go api_list.go api_update.go auth.go common.go delete.go detail.go edit.go handler.go install.go menu.go new.go operation.go plugins.go plugins_tmpl.go show.go system.go

func GetPluginsPageJS Uses

func GetPluginsPageJS(data PluginsPageJSData) template.JS

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Config     *c.Config
    Services   service.List
    Connection db.Connection
    Generators table.GeneratorList

type Handler Uses

type Handler struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New(cfg ...Config) *Handler

func (*Handler) AddNavButton Uses

func (h *Handler) AddNavButton(btns *types.Buttons)

func (*Handler) AddOperation Uses

func (h *Handler) AddOperation(nodes ...context.Node)

func (*Handler) ApiCreate Uses

func (h *Handler) ApiCreate(ctx *context.Context)

func (*Handler) ApiCreateForm Uses

func (h *Handler) ApiCreateForm(ctx *context.Context)

func (*Handler) ApiDetail Uses

func (h *Handler) ApiDetail(ctx *context.Context)

func (*Handler) ApiList Uses

func (h *Handler) ApiList(ctx *context.Context)

func (*Handler) ApiUpdate Uses

func (h *Handler) ApiUpdate(ctx *context.Context)

func (*Handler) ApiUpdateForm Uses

func (h *Handler) ApiUpdateForm(ctx *context.Context)

func (*Handler) Assets Uses

func (h *Handler) Assets(ctx *context.Context)

Assets return front-end assets according the request path.

func (*Handler) Auth Uses

func (h *Handler) Auth(ctx *context.Context)

Auth check the input password and username for authentication.

func (*Handler) CheckDatabase Uses

func (h *Handler) CheckDatabase(ctx *context.Context)

CheckDatabase check the database connection.

func (*Handler) Delete Uses

func (h *Handler) Delete(ctx *context.Context)

Delete delete the row from database.

func (*Handler) DeleteMenu Uses

func (h *Handler) DeleteMenu(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteMenu delete the menu of given id.

func (*Handler) EditForm Uses

func (h *Handler) EditForm(ctx *context.Context)

func (*Handler) EditMenu Uses

func (h *Handler) EditMenu(ctx *context.Context)

EditMenu edit the menu of given id.

func (*Handler) Execute Uses

func (h *Handler) Execute(ctx *context.Context, user models.UserModel, panel types.Panel, animation ...bool) *bytes.Buffer

func (*Handler) Export Uses

func (h *Handler) Export(ctx *context.Context)

Export export table rows as excel object.

func (*Handler) GlobalDeferHandler Uses

func (h *Handler) GlobalDeferHandler(ctx *context.Context)

GlobalDeferHandler is a global error handler of admin plugin.

func (*Handler) HTML Uses

func (h *Handler) HTML(ctx *context.Context, user models.UserModel, panel types.Panel, animation ...bool)

func (*Handler) Logout Uses

func (h *Handler) Logout(ctx *context.Context)

Logout delete the cookie.

func (*Handler) MenuOrder Uses

func (h *Handler) MenuOrder(ctx *context.Context)

MenuOrder change the order of menu items.

func (*Handler) NewForm Uses

func (h *Handler) NewForm(ctx *context.Context)

NewForm insert a table row into database.

func (*Handler) NewMenu Uses

func (h *Handler) NewMenu(ctx *context.Context)

NewMenu create a new menu item.

func (*Handler) Operation Uses

func (h *Handler) Operation(ctx *context.Context)

func (*Handler) OperationHandler Uses

func (h *Handler) OperationHandler(path string, ctx *context.Context) bool

func (*Handler) PluginDetail Uses

func (h *Handler) PluginDetail(ctx *context.Context)

func (*Handler) PluginDownload Uses

func (h *Handler) PluginDownload(ctx *context.Context)

func (*Handler) Plugins Uses

func (h *Handler) Plugins(ctx *context.Context)

func (*Handler) RecordOperationLog Uses

func (h *Handler) RecordOperationLog(ctx *context.Context)

RecordOperationLog record all operation logs, store into database.

func (*Handler) ServerLogin Uses

func (h *Handler) ServerLogin(ctx *context.Context)

func (*Handler) SetCaptcha Uses

func (h *Handler) SetCaptcha(cap map[string]string)

func (*Handler) SetRoutes Uses

func (h *Handler) SetRoutes(r context.RouterMap)

func (*Handler) ShowDetail Uses

func (h *Handler) ShowDetail(ctx *context.Context)

func (*Handler) ShowEditMenu Uses

func (h *Handler) ShowEditMenu(ctx *context.Context)

ShowEditMenu show edit menu page.

func (*Handler) ShowForm Uses

func (h *Handler) ShowForm(ctx *context.Context)

ShowForm show form page.

func (*Handler) ShowInfo Uses

func (h *Handler) ShowInfo(ctx *context.Context)

ShowInfo show info page.

func (*Handler) ShowInstall Uses

func (h *Handler) ShowInstall(ctx *context.Context)

ShowInstall show install page.

func (*Handler) ShowLogin Uses

func (h *Handler) ShowLogin(ctx *context.Context)

ShowLogin show the login page.

func (*Handler) ShowMenu Uses

func (h *Handler) ShowMenu(ctx *context.Context)

ShowMenu show menu info page.

func (*Handler) ShowNewForm Uses

func (h *Handler) ShowNewForm(ctx *context.Context)

ShowNewForm show a new form page.

func (*Handler) ShowNewMenu Uses

func (h *Handler) ShowNewMenu(ctx *context.Context)

ShowNewMenu show new menu page.

func (*Handler) SystemInfo Uses

func (h *Handler) SystemInfo(ctx *context.Context)

func (*Handler) Update Uses

func (h *Handler) Update(ctx *context.Context)

Update update the table row of given id.

func (*Handler) UpdateCfg Uses

func (h *Handler) UpdateCfg(cfg Config)

type PluginBoxParam Uses

type PluginBoxParam struct {
    Info           plugins.Info
    Install        bool
    Upgrade        bool
    Skip           bool
    DownloadReboot bool
    Name           string

func GetPluginBoxParamFromPlug Uses

func GetPluginBoxParamFromPlug(plug plugins.Plugin) PluginBoxParam

type PluginsPageJSData Uses

type PluginsPageJSData struct {
    Prefix string

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