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package template

import "github.com/GoAdminGroup/go-admin/template"


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const (
    CompCol       = "col"
    CompRow       = "row"
    CompForm      = "form"
    CompTable     = "table"
    CompDataTable = "datatable"
    CompTree      = "tree"
    CompTreeView  = "treeview"
    CompTabs      = "tabs"
    CompAlert     = "alert"
    CompLink      = "link"
    CompPaginator = "paginator"
    CompPopup     = "popup"
    CompBox       = "box"
    CompLabel     = "label"
    CompImage     = "image"
    CompButton    = "button"


var DefaultFuncMap = template.FuncMap{
    "lang":     language.Get,
    "langHtml": language.GetFromHtml,
    "link": func(cdnUrl, prefixUrl, assetsUrl string) string {
        if cdnUrl == "" {
            return prefixUrl + assetsUrl
        return cdnUrl + assetsUrl
    "isLinkUrl": func(s string) bool {
        return (len(s) > 7 && s[:7] == "http://") || (len(s) > 8 && s[:8] == "https://")
    "render": func(s, old, repl template.HTML) template.HTML {
        return template.HTML(strings.Replace(string(s), string(old), string(repl), -1))
    "renderJS": func(s template.JS, old, repl template.HTML) template.JS {
        return template.JS(strings.Replace(string(s), string(old), string(repl), -1))
    "divide": func(a, b int) int {
        return a / b
    "renderRowDataHTML": func(id, content template.HTML, value ...map[string]types.InfoItem) template.HTML {
        return template.HTML(types.ParseTableDataTmplWithID(id, string(content), value...))
    "renderRowDataJS": func(id template.HTML, content template.JS, value ...map[string]types.InfoItem) template.JS {
        return template.JS(types.ParseTableDataTmplWithID(id, string(content), value...))
    "attr": func(s template.HTML) template.HTMLAttr {
        return template.HTMLAttr(s)
    "js": func(s interface{}) template.JS {
        if ss, ok := s.(string); ok {
            return template.JS(ss)
        if ss, ok := s.(template.HTML); ok {
            return template.JS(ss)
        return ""
    "changeValue": func(f types.FormField, index int) types.FormField {
        if len(f.ValueArr) > 0 {
            f.Value = template.HTML(f.ValueArr[index])
        if len(f.OptionsArr) > 0 {
            f.Options = f.OptionsArr[index]
        if f.FormType.IsSelect() {
            f.FieldClass += "_" + strconv.Itoa(index)
        return f
var DefaultThemeNames = []string{"sword", "adminlte"}

func Add Uses

func Add(name string, temp Template)

Add makes a template available by the provided theme name. If Add is called twice with the same name or if template is nil, it panics.

func AddComp Uses

func AddComp(comp Component)

AddComp makes a component available by the provided name. If Add is called twice with the same name or if component is nil, it panics.

func AddFromPlugin Uses

func AddFromPlugin(name string, mod string)

func AddLoginComp Uses

func AddLoginComp(comp Component)

AddLoginComp add the specified login component.

func CSS Uses

func CSS(s string) template.CSS

func CheckRequirements Uses

func CheckRequirements() (bool, bool)

func CheckThemeRequirements Uses

func CheckThemeRequirements() bool

func Execute Uses

func Execute(param ExecuteParam) *bytes.Buffer

func GetAsset Uses

func GetAsset(path string) ([]byte, error)

func GetComponentAsset Uses

func GetComponentAsset() []string

func GetComponentAssetImportHTML Uses

func GetComponentAssetImportHTML() (res template.HTML)

func GetComponentAssetWithinPage Uses

func GetComponentAssetWithinPage() []string

func GetPageContentFromPageType Uses

func GetPageContentFromPageType(title, desc, msg string, pt PageType) (template.HTML, template.HTML, template.HTML)

func HTML Uses

func HTML(s string) template.HTML

func JS Uses

func JS(s string) template.JS

func SetComp Uses

func SetComp(name string, comp Component)

SetComp makes a component available by the provided name. If the value corresponding to the key is empty or if component is nil, it panics.

func Themes Uses

func Themes() []string

func VersionCompare Uses

func VersionCompare(toCompare string, versions []string) bool

func WarningPanel Uses

func WarningPanel(msg string, pts ...PageType) types.Panel

type BaseComponent Uses

type BaseComponent struct{}

func (BaseComponent) GetAsset Uses

func (b BaseComponent) GetAsset(name string) ([]byte, error)

func (BaseComponent) GetAssetList Uses

func (b BaseComponent) GetAssetList() []string

type Component Uses

type Component interface {
    // GetTemplate return a *template.Template and a given key.
    GetTemplate() (*template.Template, string)

    // GetAssetList return the assets url suffix used in the component.
    // example:
    // {{.UrlPrefix}}/assets/login/css/bootstrap.min.css => login/css/bootstrap.min.css
    // See:
    // https://github.com/GoAdminGroup/go-admin/blob/master/template/login/theme1.tmpl#L32
    // https://github.com/GoAdminGroup/go-admin/blob/master/template/login/list.go
    GetAssetList() []string

    // GetAsset return the asset content according to the corresponding url suffix.
    // Asset content is recommended to use the tool go-bindata to generate.
    // See: http://github.com/jteeuwen/go-bindata
    GetAsset(string) ([]byte, error)

    GetContent() template.HTML

    IsAPage() bool

    GetName() string

Component is the interface which stand for a ui component.

func GetComp Uses

func GetComp(name string) Component

GetComp gets the component by registered name. If the name is not found, it panics.

type ExecuteParam Uses

type ExecuteParam struct {
    User       models.UserModel
    Tmpl       *template.Template
    TmplName   string
    Panel      types.Panel
    Config     c.Config
    Menu       *menu.Menu
    Animation  bool
    Buttons    types.Buttons
    NoCompress bool
    Iframe     bool

type PageType Uses

type PageType uint8
const (
    NormalPage PageType = iota

type Template Uses

type Template interface {
    Name() string

    // layout
    Col() types.ColAttribute
    Row() types.RowAttribute

    // form and table
    Form() types.FormAttribute
    Table() types.TableAttribute
    DataTable() types.DataTableAttribute

    TreeView() types.TreeViewAttribute
    Tree() types.TreeAttribute
    Tabs() types.TabsAttribute
    Alert() types.AlertAttribute
    Link() types.LinkAttribute

    Paginator() types.PaginatorAttribute
    Popup() types.PopupAttribute
    Box() types.BoxAttribute

    Label() types.LabelAttribute
    Image() types.ImgAttribute

    Button() types.ButtonAttribute

    // Builder methods
    GetTmplList() map[string]string
    GetAssetList() []string
    GetAssetImportHTML(exceptComponents ...string) template.HTML
    GetAsset(string) ([]byte, error)
    GetTemplate(bool) (*template.Template, string)
    GetVersion() string
    GetRequirements() []string
    GetHeadHTML() template.HTML
    GetFootJS() template.HTML
    Get404HTML() template.HTML
    Get500HTML() template.HTML
    Get403HTML() template.HTML

Template is the interface which contains methods of ui components. It will be used in the plugins for custom the ui.

func Default Uses

func Default() Template

Default get the default template with the theme name set with the global config. If the name is not found, it panics.

func Get Uses

func Get(theme string) Template

Get the template interface by theme name. If the name is not found, it panics.


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