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package server

import ""


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func AcceptConnections Uses

func AcceptConnections(job *engine.Job) engine.Status

func AttachProfiler Uses

func AttachProfiler(router *mux.Router)

func ListenAndServe Uses

func ListenAndServe(proto, addr string, job *engine.Job) error

ListenAndServe sets up the required http.Server and gets it listening for each addr passed in and does protocol specific checking.

func ServeApi Uses

func ServeApi(job *engine.Job) engine.Status

ServeApi loops through all of the protocols sent in to docker and spawns off a go routine to setup a serving http.Server for each.

func ServeFd Uses

func ServeFd(addr string, handle http.Handler) error

ServeFD creates an http.Server and sets it up to serve given a socket activated argument.

func ServeRequest Uses

func ServeRequest(eng *engine.Engine, apiversion version.Version, w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request) error

ServeRequest processes a single http request to the docker remote api. FIXME: refactor this to be part of Server and not require re-creating a new router each time. This requires first moving ListenAndServe into Server.

type HttpApiFunc Uses

type HttpApiFunc func(eng *engine.Engine, version version.Version, w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, vars map[string]string) error

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