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package containerv1

import ""


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alb.go api_service.go clusters.go openshift.go properties.go subnets.go versions.go webhooks.go worker_pool.go workers.go


const ErrCodeAPICreation = "APICreationError"

ErrCodeAPICreation ...

const (
    // IAMHTTPtimeout -
    IAMHTTPtimeout = 10 * time.Second

func ComputeClusterConfigDir Uses

func ComputeClusterConfigDir(dir, name string, admin bool) string

ComputeClusterConfigDir ...

func NormalizeName Uses

func NormalizeName(name string) (string, error)

NormalizeName -

func PanicCatch Uses

func PanicCatch(r interface{}) error

PanicCatch - Catch panic and give error

type ALBConfig Uses

type ALBConfig struct {
    ALBID             string `json:"albID" description:"The ALB id"`
    ClusterID         string `json:"clusterID"`
    Name              string `json:"name"`
    ALBType           string `json:"albType"`
    Enable            bool   `json:"enable" description:"Enable (true) or disable(false) ALB"`
    State             string `json:"state"`
    CreatedDate       string `json:"createdDate"`
    NumOfInstances    string `json:"numOfInstances" description:"Desired number of ALB replicas"`
    Resize            bool   `json:"resize" description:"Indicate whether resizing should be done"`
    ALBIP             string `json:"albip" description:"BYOIP VIP to use for ALB. Currently supported only for private ALB"`
    Zone              string `json:"zone" description:"Zone to use for adding ALB. This is indicative of the AZ in which ALB will be deployed"`
    DisableDeployment bool   `json:"disableDeployment" description:"Indicate whether to disable deployment only on disable alb"`

ALBConfig config for alb configuration swagger:model

type ALBSecretConfig Uses

type ALBSecretConfig struct {
    SecretName          string `json:"secretName" description:"Name of the ALB secret"`
    ClusterID           string `json:"clusterID"`
    DomainName          string `json:"domainName" description:"Domain name of the certficate"`
    CloudCertInstanceID string `json:"cloudCertInstanceID" description:"Cloud Cert instance ID from which certficate is downloaded"`
    ClusterCrn          string `json:"clusterCrn"`
    CertCrn             string `json:"certCrn" description:"Unique CRN of the certficate which can be located in cloud cert instance"`
    IssuerName          string `json:"issuerName" description:"Issuer name of the certficate"`
    ExpiresOn           string `json:"expiresOn" description:"Expiry date of the certficate"`
    State               string `json:"state" description:"State of ALB secret"`

ALBSecretConfig config for alb-secret configuration swagger:model

type ALBSecretsPerCRN Uses

type ALBSecretsPerCRN struct {
    ALBSecrets []string `json:"albsecrets" description:"ALB secrets correponding to a CRN"`

ALBSecretsPerCRN ...

type Addon Uses

type Addon struct {
    Name    string `json:"name"`
    Enabled bool   `json:"enabled"`

Addon ...

type Albs Uses

type Albs interface {
    ListClusterALBs(clusterNameOrID string, target ClusterTargetHeader) ([]ALBConfig, error)
    GetALB(albID string, target ClusterTargetHeader) (ALBConfig, error)
    ConfigureALB(albID string, config ALBConfig, disableDeployment bool, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    RemoveALB(albID string, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    DeployALBCert(config ALBSecretConfig, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    UpdateALBCert(config ALBSecretConfig, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    RemoveALBCertBySecretName(clusterID string, secretName string, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    RemoveALBCertByCertCRN(clusterID string, certCRN string, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    GetClusterALBCertBySecretName(clusterID string, secretName string, target ClusterTargetHeader) (ALBSecretConfig, error)
    GetClusterALBCertByCertCRN(clusterID string, certCRN string, target ClusterTargetHeader) (ALBSecretConfig, error)
    ListALBCerts(clusterID string, target ClusterTargetHeader) ([]ALBSecretConfig, error)
    GetALBTypes(target ClusterTargetHeader) ([]string, error)

Clusters interface

type BoundService Uses

type BoundService struct {
    ServiceName    string `json:"servicename"`
    ServiceID      string `json:"serviceid"`
    ServiceKeyName string `json:"servicekeyname"`
    Namespace      string `json:"namespace"`

BoundService ...

type BoundServices Uses

type BoundServices []BoundService

BoundServices ..

type ClusterALB Uses

type ClusterALB struct {
    ID                string      `json:"id"`
    Region            string      `json:"region"`
    DataCenter        string      `json:"dataCenter"`
    IsPaid            bool        `json:"isPaid"`
    IngressHostname   string      `json:"ingressHostname"`
    IngressSecretName string      `json:"ingressSecretName"`
    ALBs              []ALBConfig `json:"alb"`

type ClusterALBSecret Uses

type ClusterALBSecret struct {
    ID         string            `json:"id"`
    Region     string            `json:"region"`
    DataCenter string            `json:"dataCenter"`
    IsPaid     bool              `json:"isPaid"`
    ALBSecrets []ALBSecretConfig `json:"albSecrets" description:"All the ALB secrets created in this cluster"`

ClusterALBSecret albsecret related information for cluster swagger:model

type ClusterCreateRequest Uses

type ClusterCreateRequest struct {
    GatewayEnabled               bool   `json:"GatewayEnabled" description:"true for gateway enabled cluster"`
    Datacenter                   string `json:"dataCenter" description:"The worker's data center"`
    Isolation                    string `json:"isolation" description:"Can be 'public' or 'private'"`
    MachineType                  string `json:"machineType" description:"The worker's machine type"`
    Name                         string `json:"name" binding:"required" description:"The cluster's name"`
    PrivateVlan                  string `json:"privateVlan" description:"The worker's private vlan"`
    PublicVlan                   string `json:"publicVlan" description:"The worker's public vlan"`
    WorkerNum                    int    `json:"workerNum,omitempty" binding:"required" description:"The number of workers"`
    NoSubnet                     bool   `json:"noSubnet" description:"Indicate whether portable subnet should be ordered for user"`
    MasterVersion                string `json:"masterVersion,omitempty" description:"Desired version of the requested master"`
    Prefix                       string `json:"prefix,omitempty" description:"hostname prefix for new workers"`
    DiskEncryption               bool   `json:"diskEncryption" description:"disable encryption on a worker"`
    PrivateEndpointEnabled       bool   `json:"privateSeviceEndpoint"`
    PublicEndpointEnabled        bool   `json:"publicServiceEndpoint"`
    DisableAutoUpdate            bool   `json:"disableAutoUpdate"`
    DefaultWorkerPoolName        string `json:"defaultWorkerPoolName" description:"The name of default workerpool"`
    PodSubnet                    string `json:"podSubnet"`
    ServiceSubnet                string `json:"serviceSubnet"`
    DefaultWorkerPoolEntitlement string `json:"defaultWorkerPoolEntitlement" description:"Additional licence/entitlement for the default worker pool"`

ClusterCreateRequest ...

type ClusterCreateResponse Uses

type ClusterCreateResponse struct {
    ID string

ClusterCreateResponse ...

type ClusterInfo Uses

type ClusterInfo struct {
    CreatedDate                   string   `json:"createdDate"`
    DataCenter                    string   `json:"dataCenter"`
    ID                            string   `json:"id"`
    IngressHostname               string   `json:"ingressHostname"`
    IngressSecretName             string   `json:"ingressSecretName"`
    Location                      string   `json:"location"`
    MasterKubeVersion             string   `json:"masterKubeVersion"`
    ModifiedDate                  string   `json:"modifiedDate"`
    Name                          string   `json:"name"`
    Region                        string   `json:"region"`
    ResourceGroupID               string   `json:"resourceGroup"`
    ServerURL                     string   `json:"serverURL"`
    MasterURL                     string   `json:"masterURL"` // vpc cluster serverURL is empty
    State                         string   `json:"state"`
    OrgID                         string   `json:"logOrg"`
    OrgName                       string   `json:"logOrgName"`
    SpaceID                       string   `json:"logSpace"`
    SpaceName                     string   `json:"logSpaceName"`
    IsPaid                        bool     `json:"isPaid"`
    IsTrusted                     bool     `json:"isTrusted"`
    WorkerCount                   int      `json:"workerCount"`
    Vlans                         []Vlan   `json:"vlans"`
    Addons                        []Addon  `json:"addons"`
    OwnerEmail                    string   `json:"ownerEmail"`
    APIUser                       string   `json:"apiUser"`
    MonitoringURL                 string   `json:"monitoringURL"`
    DisableAutoUpdate             bool     `json:"disableAutoUpdate"`
    EtcdPort                      string   `json:"etcdPort"`
    MasterStatus                  string   `json:"masterStatus"`
    MasterStatusModifiedDate      string   `json:"masterStatusModifiedDate"`
    KeyProtectEnabled             bool     `json:"keyProtectEnabled"`
    WorkerZones                   []string `json:"workerZones"`
    PullSecretApplied             bool     `json:"pullSecretApplied"`
    CRN                           string   `json:"crn"`
    PrivateServiceEndpointEnabled bool     `json:"privateServiceEndpointEnabled"`
    PrivateServiceEndpointURL     string   `json:"privateServiceEndpointURL"`
    PublicServiceEndpointEnabled  bool     `json:"publicServiceEndpointEnabled"`
    PublicServiceEndpointURL      string   `json:"publicServiceEndpointURL"`
    Type                          string   `json:"type"`

ClusterInfo ...

type ClusterKeyInfo Uses

type ClusterKeyInfo struct {
    AdminKey             string `json:"admin-key"`
    Admin                string `json:"admin"`
    ClusterCACertificate string `json:"cluster-ca-certificate"`
    Host                 string `json:"host"`
    Token                string `json:"idtoken"`
    FilePath             string `json:"filepath"`

ClusterKeyInfo ...

type ClusterSoftlayerHeader Uses

type ClusterSoftlayerHeader struct {
    SoftLayerUsername string
    SoftLayerAPIKey   string

ClusterSoftlayerHeader ...

func (ClusterSoftlayerHeader) ToMap Uses

func (c ClusterSoftlayerHeader) ToMap() map[string]string

ToMap ...

type ClusterTargetHeader Uses

type ClusterTargetHeader struct {
    OrgID         string
    SpaceID       string
    AccountID     string
    Region        string
    ResourceGroup string

ClusterTargetHeader ...

func (ClusterTargetHeader) ToMap Uses

func (c ClusterTargetHeader) ToMap() map[string]string

ToMap ...

type ClusterUpdateParam Uses

type ClusterUpdateParam struct {
    Action  string `json:"action"`
    Force   bool   `json:"force"`
    Version string `json:"version"`

ClusterUpdateParam ...

type Clusters Uses

type Clusters interface {
    Create(params ClusterCreateRequest, target ClusterTargetHeader) (ClusterCreateResponse, error)
    List(target ClusterTargetHeader) ([]ClusterInfo, error)
    Update(name string, params ClusterUpdateParam, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    UpdateClusterWorker(clusterNameOrID string, workerID string, params UpdateWorkerCommand, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    UpdateClusterWorkers(clusterNameOrID string, workerIDs []string, params UpdateWorkerCommand, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    Delete(name string, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    Find(name string, target ClusterTargetHeader) (ClusterInfo, error)
    FindWithOutShowResources(name string, target ClusterTargetHeader) (ClusterInfo, error)
    FindWithOutShowResourcesCompatible(name string, target ClusterTargetHeader) (ClusterInfo, error)
    GetClusterConfig(name, homeDir string, admin bool, target ClusterTargetHeader) (string, error)
    GetClusterConfigDetail(name, homeDir string, admin bool, target ClusterTargetHeader) (ClusterKeyInfo, error)
    StoreConfig(name, baseDir string, admin bool, createCalicoConfig bool, target ClusterTargetHeader) (string, string, error)
    StoreConfigDetail(name, baseDir string, admin bool, createCalicoConfig bool, target ClusterTargetHeader) (string, ClusterKeyInfo, error)
    UnsetCredentials(target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    SetCredentials(slUsername, slAPIKey string, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    BindService(params ServiceBindRequest, target ClusterTargetHeader) (ServiceBindResponse, error)
    UnBindService(clusterNameOrID, namespaceID, serviceInstanceGUID string, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    ListServicesBoundToCluster(clusterNameOrID, namespace string, target ClusterTargetHeader) (BoundServices, error)
    FindServiceBoundToCluster(clusterNameOrID, serviceName, namespace string, target ClusterTargetHeader) (BoundService, error)
    RefreshAPIServers(clusterNameOrID string, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    FetchOCTokenForKubeConfig(kubeConfig []byte, clusterInfo *ClusterInfo) ([]byte, error)

Clusters interface

type ConfigFile Uses

type ConfigFile struct {
    Clusters []struct {
        Name    string `yaml:"name"`
        Cluster struct {
            Server string `yaml:"server"`
        }   `yaml:"cluster"`
    }   `yaml:"clusters"`
    Users []struct {
        Name string `yaml:"name"`
        User struct {
            AuthProvider struct {
                Config struct {
                    IDToken string `yaml:"id-token"`
                } `yaml:"config"`
            } `yaml:"auth-provider"`
        }   `yaml:"user"`
    }   `yaml:"users"`

ConfigFile ...

type ConfigFileOpenshift Uses

type ConfigFileOpenshift struct {
    Clusters []struct {
        Name    string `yaml:"name"`
        Cluster struct {
            Server string `yaml:"server"`
        }   `yaml:"cluster"`
    }   `yaml:"clusters"`
    Users []struct {
        Name string `yaml:"name"`
        User struct {
            Token string `yaml:"token"`

ConfigFileOpenshift Openshift .yml Structure

type ContainerServiceAPI Uses

type ContainerServiceAPI interface {
    Albs() Albs
    Clusters() Clusters
    Workers() Workers
    WorkerPools() WorkerPool
    WebHooks() Webhooks
    Subnets() Subnets
    KubeVersions() KubeVersions
    Vlans() Vlans

ContainerServiceAPI is the Aramda K8s client ...

func New Uses

func New(sess *session.Session) (ContainerServiceAPI, error)

New ...

type DCVlan Uses

type DCVlan struct {
    ID         string           `json:"id"`
    Properties DCVlanProperties `json:"properties"`
    Type       string           `json:"type"`

Vlan ...

type DCVlanProperties Uses

type DCVlanProperties struct {
    LocalDiskStorageCapability string `json:"local_disk_storage_capability"`
    Location                   string `json:"location"`
    Name                       string `json:"name"`
    Note                       string `json:"note"`
    PrimaryRouter              string `json:"primary_router"`
    SANStorageCapability       string `json:"san_storage_capability"`
    VlanNumber                 string `json:"vlan_number"`
    VlanType                   string `json:"vlan_type"`

VlanProperties ...

type Frame Uses

type Frame uintptr

Frame -

type KubeVersion Uses

type KubeVersion struct {
    Major   int
    Minor   int
    Patch   int
    Default bool

KubeVersion ...

type KubeVersions Uses

type KubeVersions interface {
    List(target ClusterTargetHeader) ([]KubeVersion, error)
    ListV1(target ClusterTargetHeader) (V1Version, error)

KubeVersions interface

type MasterAPIServer Uses

type MasterAPIServer struct {
    Action string `json:"action" binding:"required" description:"The action to perform on the API Server"`

MasterAPIServer describes the state to put the Master API server into swagger:model

type ServiceBindRequest Uses

type ServiceBindRequest struct {
    ClusterNameOrID         string
    ServiceInstanceNameOrID string `json:"serviceInstanceGUID" binding:"required"`
    NamespaceID             string `json:"namespaceID" binding:"required"`
    Role                    string `json:"role"`
    ServiceKeyJSON          string `json:"serviceKeyJSON"`
    ServiceKeyGUID          string `json:"serviceKeyGUID"`

ServiceBindRequest ...

type ServiceBindResponse Uses

type ServiceBindResponse struct {
    ServiceInstanceGUID string `json:"serviceInstanceGUID" binding:"required"`
    NamespaceID         string `json:"namespaceID" binding:"required"`
    SecretName          string `json:"secretName"`
    Binding             string `json:"binding"`

ServiceBindResponse ...

type StackTrace Uses

type StackTrace []Frame

StackTrace -

type Subnet Uses

type Subnet struct {
    ID          string           `json:"id"`
    Type        string           `json:"type"`
    VlanID      string           `json:"vlan_id"`
    IPAddresses []string         `json:"ip_addresses"`
    Properties  SubnetProperties `json:"properties"`

Subnet ...

type SubnetProperties Uses

type SubnetProperties struct {
    CIDR              string `json:"cidr"`
    NetworkIdentifier string `json:"network_identifier"`
    Note              string `json:"note"`
    SubnetType        string `json:"subnet_type"`
    DisplayLabel      string `json:"display_label"`
    Gateway           string `json:"gateway"`

SubnetProperties ...

type Subnets Uses

type Subnets interface {
    AddSubnet(clusterName string, subnetID string, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    List(target ClusterTargetHeader) ([]Subnet, error)
    AddClusterUserSubnet(clusterID string, userSubnet UserSubnet, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    ListClusterUserSubnets(clusterID string, target ClusterTargetHeader) ([]Vlan, error)
    DeleteClusterUserSubnet(clusterID string, subnetID string, vlanID string, target ClusterTargetHeader) error

Subnets interface

type UpdateWorkerCommand Uses

type UpdateWorkerCommand struct {
    Action string `json:"action" binding:"required" description:"Action to perform of the worker"`
    // Setting force flag to true will ignore if the master is unavailable during 'os_reboot" and 'reload' action
    Force bool `json:"force,omitempty"`

UpdateWorkerCommand .... swagger:model

type UserSubnet Uses

type UserSubnet struct {
    CIDR   string `json:"cidr" binding:"required" description:"The CIDR of the subnet that will be bound to the cluster. Eg.format:"`
    VLANID string `json:"vlan_id" binding:"required" description:"The private VLAN where the CIDR exists'"`

type V1Version Uses

type V1Version map[string][]KubeVersion

type Vlan Uses

type Vlan struct {
    ID      string `json:"id"`
    Subnets []struct {
        Cidr     string   `json:"cidr"`
        ID       string   `json:"id"`
        Ips      []string `json:"ips"`
        IsByOIP  bool     `json:"is_byoip"`
        IsPublic bool     `json:"is_public"`
    Zone   string `json:"zone"`
    Region string `json:"region"`

Vlan ...

type Vlans Uses

type Vlans interface {
    List(datacenter string, target ClusterTargetHeader) ([]DCVlan, error)

Subnets interface

type WebHook Uses

type WebHook struct {
    Level string
    Type  string
    URL   string

WebHook is the web hook

type Webhooks Uses

type Webhooks interface {
    List(clusterName string, target ClusterTargetHeader) ([]WebHook, error)
    Add(clusterName string, params WebHook, target ClusterTargetHeader) error

Webhooks interface

type Worker Uses

type Worker struct {
    Billing          string `json:"billing,omitempty"`
    ErrorMessage     string `json:"errorMessage"`
    ID               string `json:"id"`
    Isolation        string `json:"isolation"`
    KubeVersion      string `json:"kubeVersion"`
    MachineType      string `json:"machineType"`
    PrivateIP        string `json:"privateIP"`
    PrivateVlan      string `json:"privateVlan"`
    PublicIP         string `json:"publicIP"`
    PublicVlan       string `json:"publicVlan"`
    Location         string `json:"location"`
    PoolID           string `json:"poolid"`
    PoolName         string `json:"poolName"`
    TrustedStatus    string `json:"trustedStatus"`
    ReasonForDelete  string `json:"reasonForDelete"`
    VersionEOS       string `json:"versionEOS"`
    MasterVersionEOS string `json:"masterVersionEOS"`
    State            string `json:"state"`
    Status           string `json:"status"`
    TargetVersion    string `json:"targetVersion"`

Worker ...

type WorkerParam Uses

type WorkerParam struct {
    MachineType string `json:"machineType,omitempty" description:"The worker's machine type"`
    PrivateVlan string `json:"privateVlan,omitempty" description:"The worker's private vlan"`
    PublicVlan  string `json:"publicVlan,omitempty" description:"The worker's public vlan"`
    Isolation   string `json:"isolation,omitempty" description:"Can be 'public' or 'private'"`
    WorkerNum   int    `json:"workerNum,omitempty" binding:"required" description:"The number of workers"`
    Prefix      string `json:"prefix,omitempty" description:"hostname prefix for new workers"`
    Action      string `json:"action,omitempty"`
    Count       int    `json:"count,omitempty"`

WorkerParam ...

type WorkerPool Uses

type WorkerPool interface {
    CreateWorkerPool(clusterNameOrID string, workerPoolReq WorkerPoolRequest, target ClusterTargetHeader) (WorkerPoolResponse, error)
    ResizeWorkerPool(clusterNameOrID, workerPoolNameOrID string, size int, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    PatchWorkerPool(clusterNameOrID, workerPoolNameOrID, state string, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    DeleteWorkerPool(clusterNameOrID string, workerPoolNameOrID string, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    ListWorkerPools(clusterNameOrID string, target ClusterTargetHeader) ([]WorkerPoolResponse, error)
    GetWorkerPool(clusterNameOrID, workerPoolNameOrID string, target ClusterTargetHeader) (WorkerPoolResponse, error)
    AddZone(clusterNameOrID string, poolID string, workerPoolZone WorkerPoolZone, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    RemoveZone(clusterNameOrID, zone, poolID string, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    UpdateZoneNetwork(clusterNameOrID, zone, poolID, privateVlan, publicVlan string, target ClusterTargetHeader) error

Workers ...

type WorkerPoolConfig Uses

type WorkerPoolConfig struct {
    Name        string            `json:"name" binding:"required"`
    Size        int               `json:"sizePerZone" binding:"required"`
    MachineType string            `json:"machineType" binding:"required"`
    Isolation   string            `json:"isolation"`
    Labels      map[string]string `json:"labels"`
    Entitlement string            `json:"entitlement"`

WorkerPoolConfig common worker pool data

type WorkerPoolPatchRequest Uses

type WorkerPoolPatchRequest struct {
    Size            int    `json:"sizePerZone"`
    ReasonForResize string `json:"reasonForResize"`
    State           string `json:"state"`

WorkerPoolPatchRequest provides attributes to patch update worker pool swagger:model

type WorkerPoolRequest Uses

type WorkerPoolRequest struct {
    DiskEncryption bool             `json:"diskEncryption" description:"true or false to use encryption for the secondary disk"`
    Zones          []WorkerPoolZone `json:"zones"`

WorkerPoolRequest provides worker pool data swagger:model

type WorkerPoolResponse Uses

type WorkerPoolResponse struct {
    ID              string                  `json:"id" binding:"required"`
    Region          string                  `json:"region" binding:"required"`
    State           string                  `json:"state"`
    ReasonForDelete string                  `json:"reasonForDelete"`
    IsBalanced      bool                    `json:"isBalanced"`
    Zones           WorkerPoolZoneResponses `json:"zones"`

WorkerPoolResponse provides worker pool data swagger:model

type WorkerPoolResponses Uses

type WorkerPoolResponses []WorkerPoolResponse

WorkerPoolResponses sorts WorkerPoolResponse by ID. swagger:model

type WorkerPoolZone Uses

type WorkerPoolZone struct {
    ID  string `json:"id" binding:"required"`

WorkerPoolZone provides zone data swagger:model

type WorkerPoolZoneNetwork Uses

type WorkerPoolZoneNetwork struct {
    PrivateVLAN string `json:"privateVlan" binding:"required"`
    PublicVLAN  string `json:"publicVlan"`

WorkerPoolZoneNetwork holds network configuration for a zone

type WorkerPoolZonePatchRequest Uses

type WorkerPoolZonePatchRequest struct {

WorkerPoolZonePatchRequest updates worker pool zone data swagger:model

type WorkerPoolZoneResponse Uses

type WorkerPoolZoneResponse struct {
    WorkerCount int `json:"workerCount"`

WorkerPoolZoneResponse response contents for zone swagger:model

type WorkerPoolZoneResponses Uses

type WorkerPoolZoneResponses []WorkerPoolZoneResponse

WorkerPoolZoneResponses sorts WorkerPoolZoneResponse by ID. swagger:model

type WorkerUpdateParam Uses

type WorkerUpdateParam struct {
    Action string `json:"action" binding:"required" description:"Action to perform of the worker"`

WorkerUpdateParam ...

type Workers Uses

type Workers interface {
    List(clusterName string, target ClusterTargetHeader) ([]Worker, error)
    ListByWorkerPool(clusterIDOrName, workerPoolIDOrName string, showDeleted bool, target ClusterTargetHeader) ([]Worker, error)
    Get(clusterName string, target ClusterTargetHeader) (Worker, error)
    Add(clusterName string, params WorkerParam, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    Delete(clusterName string, workerD string, target ClusterTargetHeader) error
    Update(clusterName string, workerID string, params WorkerUpdateParam, target ClusterTargetHeader) error

Workers ...

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