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package util

import "github.com/Jeffail/leaps/lib/util"

Package util - Various miscellaneous utilities used throughout leaps lib.


Package Files


func GenerateStampedUUID Uses

func GenerateStampedUUID() string

GenerateStampedUUID - Generates a UUID and prepends a timestamp to it.

func GenerateUUID Uses

func GenerateUUID() string

GenerateUUID - Generates a UUID and returns it as a hex encoded string.

TODO: handle the error more gracefully


servicePackage util provides a few bootstrapping utilities for golang services, and a consistent API to wrap third parties libraries for things such as stats aggregation and logging.
service/logPackage log - Some utilities for logging and stats aggregation/pushing.
service/metricsPackage metrics - Create a type for aggregating and propagating metrics to various services based on configuration.

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