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package swearfilter

import "github.com/JoshuaDoes/gofuckyourself"


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type SwearFilter Uses

type SwearFilter struct {
    //Options to tell the swear filter how to operate
    DisableNormalize                bool //Disables normalization of alphabetic characters if set to true (ex: à -> a)
    DisableSpacedTab                bool //Disables converting tabs to singular spaces (ex: [tab][tab] -> [space][space])
    DisableMultiWhitespaceStripping bool //Disables stripping down multiple whitespaces (ex: hello[space][space]world -> hello[space]world)
    DisableZeroWidthStripping       bool //Disables stripping zero-width spaces
    EnableSpacedBypass              bool //Disables testing for spaced bypasses (if hell is in filter, look for occurrences of h and detect only alphabetic characters that follow; ex: h[space]e[space]l[space]l[space] -> hell)

    //A list of words to check against the filters
    BadWords []string

SwearFilter contains settings for the swear filter

func NewSwearFilter Uses

func NewSwearFilter(enableSpacedBypass bool, uhohwords ...string) (filter *SwearFilter)

NewSwearFilter returns an initialized SwearFilter struct to check messages against

func (*SwearFilter) Add Uses

func (filter *SwearFilter) Add(badWords ...string)

Add appends the given word to the uhohwords list

func (*SwearFilter) Check Uses

func (filter *SwearFilter) Check(message string) (trippedWords []string, err error)

Check will return any words that trip an enabled swear filter, an error if any, or nothing if you've removed all the words for some reason

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