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package godash

import "github.com/Kairi/godash"

This godash package implements a library for functional programming in golang. This package is inspired by JavaScript library, "Lo-Dash". (http://www.lodash.com)


Package Files

compact.go delete.go find.go godash.go map.go

func Compact Uses

func Compact()

func Delete Uses

func Delete(slc []int, index int) []int

delete function. in Golang, delete function not implemented

func FindIndex Uses

func FindIndex(lst interface{}, fnc interface{}) (int, error)

func FindLastIndex Uses

func FindLastIndex(slc []int, fnc func(value int) bool) int

func Map Uses

func Map(lst interface{}, fnc interface{}) (interface{}, error)

Map function iterate Map, Slice, Array, String, and apply fnc to each value

func MapArray Uses

func MapArray()

func MapMap Uses

func MapMap()


func MapSlice Uses

func MapSlice()

func MapString Uses

func MapString()



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