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package tenant

import "github.com/LightKool/go-di/tenant"


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const (
    SmpInfoCollection string     = "smp_info"
    SMP               tenantType = 0

type AskTenantId Uses

type AskTenantId interface {
    SetTenantId(tenantId int64)

type SmpInfo Uses

type SmpInfo struct {
    TenantEntity `bson:",inline"`

    ApiKey      string `bson:"api_key"`
    SecKey      string `bson:"sec_key"`
    Password    string `bson:"password"`
    VirtualHost string `bson:"virtual_host"`

func FindAllSmpInfo Uses

func FindAllSmpInfo() ([]*SmpInfo, error)

func FindSmpInfoById Uses

func FindSmpInfoById(id int64) (*SmpInfo, error)

func (*SmpInfo) AspManagerId Uses

func (smpInfo *SmpInfo) AspManagerId() int64

type TenantEntity Uses

type TenantEntity struct {
    TenantType tenantType `bson:"tenant_type" json:"tenant_type"`
    TenantId   int64      `bson:"tenant_id" json:"tenant_id"`

This should be the base struct of all structs which exposes tenant id, e.g. metadata.

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