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package mem

import ""


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mem.go mem_linux.go

type SwapMemoryStat Uses

type SwapMemoryStat struct {
    Total       uint64  `json:"total"`
    Used        uint64  `json:"used"`
    Free        uint64  `json:"free"`
    UsedPercent float64 `json:"usedPercent"`
    Sin         uint64  `json:"sin"`
    Sout        uint64  `json:"sout"`
    PgIn        uint64  `json:"pgin"`
    PgOut       uint64  `json:"pgout"`
    PgFault     uint64  `json:"pgfault"`

    // Linux specific numbers
    PgMajFault uint64 `json:"pgmajfault"`

func SwapMemory Uses

func SwapMemory() (*SwapMemoryStat, error)

func SwapMemoryWithContext Uses

func SwapMemoryWithContext(ctx context.Context) (*SwapMemoryStat, error)

func (SwapMemoryStat) String Uses

func (m SwapMemoryStat) String() string

type VirtualMemoryExStat Uses

type VirtualMemoryExStat struct {
    ActiveFile   uint64 `json:"activefile"`
    InactiveFile uint64 `json:"inactivefile"`
    ActiveAnon   uint64 `json:"activeanon"`
    InactiveAnon uint64 `json:"inactiveanon"`
    Unevictable  uint64 `json:"unevictable"`

func VirtualMemoryEx Uses

func VirtualMemoryEx() (*VirtualMemoryExStat, error)

func VirtualMemoryExWithContext Uses

func VirtualMemoryExWithContext(ctx context.Context) (*VirtualMemoryExStat, error)

func (VirtualMemoryExStat) String Uses

func (v VirtualMemoryExStat) String() string

type VirtualMemoryStat Uses

type VirtualMemoryStat struct {
    // Total amount of RAM on this system
    Total uint64 `json:"total"`

    // RAM available for programs to allocate
    // This value is computed from the kernel specific values.
    Available uint64 `json:"available"`

    // RAM used by programs
    // This value is computed from the kernel specific values.
    Used uint64 `json:"used"`

    // Percentage of RAM used by programs
    // This value is computed from the kernel specific values.
    UsedPercent float64 `json:"usedPercent"`

    // This is the kernel's notion of free memory; RAM chips whose bits nobody
    // cares about the value of right now. For a human consumable number,
    // Available is what you really want.
    Free uint64 `json:"free"`

    // OS X / BSD specific numbers:
    Active   uint64 `json:"active"`
    Inactive uint64 `json:"inactive"`
    Wired    uint64 `json:"wired"`

    // FreeBSD specific numbers:
    Laundry uint64 `json:"laundry"`

    // Linux specific numbers
    Buffers        uint64 `json:"buffers"`
    Cached         uint64 `json:"cached"`
    Writeback      uint64 `json:"writeback"`
    Dirty          uint64 `json:"dirty"`
    WritebackTmp   uint64 `json:"writebacktmp"`
    Shared         uint64 `json:"shared"`
    Slab           uint64 `json:"slab"`
    SReclaimable   uint64 `json:"sreclaimable"`
    SUnreclaim     uint64 `json:"sunreclaim"`
    PageTables     uint64 `json:"pagetables"`
    SwapCached     uint64 `json:"swapcached"`
    CommitLimit    uint64 `json:"commitlimit"`
    CommittedAS    uint64 `json:"committedas"`
    HighTotal      uint64 `json:"hightotal"`
    HighFree       uint64 `json:"highfree"`
    LowTotal       uint64 `json:"lowtotal"`
    LowFree        uint64 `json:"lowfree"`
    SwapTotal      uint64 `json:"swaptotal"`
    SwapFree       uint64 `json:"swapfree"`
    Mapped         uint64 `json:"mapped"`
    VMallocTotal   uint64 `json:"vmalloctotal"`
    VMallocUsed    uint64 `json:"vmallocused"`
    VMallocChunk   uint64 `json:"vmallocchunk"`
    HugePagesTotal uint64 `json:"hugepagestotal"`
    HugePagesFree  uint64 `json:"hugepagesfree"`
    HugePageSize   uint64 `json:"hugepagesize"`

Memory usage statistics. Total, Available and Used contain numbers of bytes for human consumption.

The other fields in this struct contain kernel specific values.

func VirtualMemory Uses

func VirtualMemory() (*VirtualMemoryStat, error)

func VirtualMemoryWithContext Uses

func VirtualMemoryWithContext(ctx context.Context) (*VirtualMemoryStat, error)

func (VirtualMemoryStat) String Uses

func (m VirtualMemoryStat) String() string

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