2018-project-roaster: github.com/LuleaUniversityOfTechnology/2018-project-roaster


analyzePackage analyze implements the Flake8 runner and parser.
analyze/cachePackage cache implements a simple thread-safe cache with expiration.
cmd/inlinesqlPackage main implements inlinesql which generates a Go file containing SQL queries.
cmd/roasterdPackage main is the starting point for the roasterd web server.
cmd/testbcryptPackage testbcrypt tests the Go Bcrypt implementation for common problems.
middlewarePackage middleware implements http.Handler middleware.
modelPackage model avatar implementation.
model/forwardengineerPackage forwardengineer was generated automatically by inlinesql at 2019-01-08 15:12:55.830329896 +0100 CET m=+0.001842869.
routerPackage router defines all router/mux handles.
router/routePackage route implements the avatar API endpoint.
sessionPackage session implements a session storage using a Redis store and the gorilla/sessions package.
utilPackage util implements helper functions.

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