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package sprig

import "github.com/Masterminds/sprig"

Package sprig provides template functions for Go.

This package contains a number of utility functions for working with data inside of Go `html/template` and `text/template` files.

To add these functions, use the `template.Funcs()` method:

t := templates.New("foo").Funcs(sprig.FuncMap())

Note that you should add the function map before you parse any template files.

In several cases, Sprig reverses the order of arguments from the way they
appear in the standard library. This is to make it easier to pipe
arguments into functions.

See http://masterminds.github.io/sprig/ for more detailed documentation on each of the available functions.


// Set up variables and template.
vars := map[string]interface{}{"Name": "  John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt "}
tpl := `Hello {{.Name | trim | lower}}`

// Get the Sprig function map.
fmap := TxtFuncMap()
t := template.Must(template.New("test").Funcs(fmap).Parse(tpl))

err := t.Execute(os.Stdout, vars)
if err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("Error during template execution: %s", err)


Hello john jacob jingleheimer schmidt



Package Files

crypto.go date.go defaults.go dict.go doc.go functions.go list.go network.go numeric.go reflect.go regex.go semver.go strings.go url.go

func FuncMap Uses

func FuncMap() template.FuncMap

FuncMap produces the function map.

Use this to pass the functions into the template engine:

tpl := template.New("foo").Funcs(sprig.FuncMap()))

func GenericFuncMap Uses

func GenericFuncMap() map[string]interface{}

GenericFuncMap returns a copy of the basic function map as a map[string]interface{}.

func HermeticHtmlFuncMap Uses

func HermeticHtmlFuncMap() template.FuncMap

HermeticHtmlFuncMap returns an 'html/template'.Funcmap with only repeatable functions.

func HermeticTxtFuncMap Uses

func HermeticTxtFuncMap() ttemplate.FuncMap

HermeticTxtFuncMap returns a 'text/template'.FuncMap with only repeatable functions.

func HtmlFuncMap Uses

func HtmlFuncMap() template.FuncMap

HtmlFuncMap returns an 'html/template'.Funcmap

func TxtFuncMap Uses

func TxtFuncMap() ttemplate.FuncMap

TxtFuncMap returns a 'text/template'.FuncMap

type DSAKeyFormat Uses

type DSAKeyFormat struct {
    Version       int
    P, Q, G, Y, X *big.Int

DSAKeyFormat stores the format for DSA keys. Used by pemBlockForKey

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