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package commands

import ""

Package commands contains the CLI commands


Package Files

add.go bridge.go bridge_auth.go bridge_auth_addtoken.go bridge_auth_rm.go bridge_auth_show.go bridge_configure.go bridge_pull.go bridge_push.go bridge_rm.go commands.go comment.go comment_add.go deselect.go env.go json_common.go label.go label_add.go label_rm.go ls-id.go ls-labels.go ls.go pull.go push.go rm.go root.go select.go show.go status.go status_close.go status_open.go termui.go title.go title_edit.go user.go user_adopt.go user_create.go user_ls.go version.go webui.go


var GitCommit string

These variables are initialized externally during the build. See the Makefile.

var GitExactTag string
var GitLastTag string

func Execute Uses

func Execute()

func NewRootCommand Uses

func NewRootCommand() *cobra.Command

type Env Uses

type Env struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Env is the environment of a command

type JSONBugExcerpt Uses

type JSONBugExcerpt struct {
    Id         string   `json:"id"`
    HumanId    string   `json:"human_id"`
    CreateTime JSONTime `json:"create_time"`
    EditTime   JSONTime `json:"edit_time"`

    Status       string         `json:"status"`
    Labels       []bug.Label    `json:"labels"`
    Title        string         `json:"title"`
    Actors       []JSONIdentity `json:"actors"`
    Participants []JSONIdentity `json:"participants"`
    Author       JSONIdentity   `json:"author"`

    Comments int               `json:"comments"`
    Metadata map[string]string `json:"metadata"`

type JSONBugSnapshot Uses

type JSONBugSnapshot struct {
    Id           string         `json:"id"`
    HumanId      string         `json:"human_id"`
    CreateTime   JSONTime       `json:"create_time"`
    EditTime     JSONTime       `json:"edit_time"`
    Status       string         `json:"status"`
    Labels       []bug.Label    `json:"labels"`
    Title        string         `json:"title"`
    Author       JSONIdentity   `json:"author"`
    Actors       []JSONIdentity `json:"actors"`
    Participants []JSONIdentity `json:"participants"`
    Comments     []JSONComment  `json:"comments"`

type JSONComment Uses

type JSONComment struct {
    Id      string       `json:"id"`
    HumanId string       `json:"human_id"`
    Author  JSONIdentity `json:"author"`
    Message string       `json:"message"`

func NewJSONComment Uses

func NewJSONComment(comment bug.Comment) JSONComment

type JSONIdentity Uses

type JSONIdentity struct {
    Id      string `json:"id"`
    HumanId string `json:"human_id"`
    Name    string `json:"name"`
    Login   string `json:"login"`

func NewJSONIdentity Uses

func NewJSONIdentity(i identity.Interface) JSONIdentity

func NewJSONIdentityFromExcerpt Uses

func NewJSONIdentityFromExcerpt(excerpt *cache.IdentityExcerpt) JSONIdentity

func NewJSONIdentityFromLegacyExcerpt Uses

func NewJSONIdentityFromLegacyExcerpt(excerpt *cache.LegacyAuthorExcerpt) JSONIdentity

type JSONTime Uses

type JSONTime struct {
    Timestamp int64        `json:"timestamp"`
    Time      time.Time    `json:"time"`
    Lamport   lamport.Time `json:"lamport,omitempty"`

func NewJSONTime Uses

func NewJSONTime(t time.Time, l lamport.Time) JSONTime



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