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package _select

import ""


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var ErrNoValidId = errors.New("you must provide a bug id or use the \"select\" command first")

func Clear Uses

func Clear(repo *cache.RepoCache) error

Clear will clear the selected bug, if any

func ResolveBug Uses

func ResolveBug(repo *cache.RepoCache, args []string) (*cache.BugCache, []string, error)

ResolveBug first try to resolve a bug using the first argument of the command line. If it fails, it fallback to the select mechanism.

Returns: - the bug if any - the new list of command line arguments with the bug prefix removed if it

has been used

- an error if the process failed

func Select Uses

func Select(repo *cache.RepoCache, id entity.Id) error

Select will select a bug for future use

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