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package parser

import ""

Package parser provides the agora source code parser. It is a top-down operator precedence parser, based on this article from Douglas Crockford.


Package Files

grammar.go parser.go scope.go symbol.go

type Arity Uses

type Arity int

An Arity is loosely used to indicate the components of a parsed Symbol.

const (
    // Initial possible arities, until we know more about the context
    ArName Arity = iota

    // Then it can be set to something more precise

func (Arity) String Uses

func (ar Arity) String() string

String returns the literal representation of an Arity.

type Parser Uses

type Parser struct {

    // Exported fields
    Debug bool
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A Parser is an agora source code parser.

func New Uses

func New() *Parser

New returns a new parser, initialized with its scanner.Scanner.

func (*Parser) Parse Uses

func (p *Parser) Parse(filename string, src []byte) ([]*Symbol, *Scope, error)

Parse the provided source code and returns the AST along with the various scopes and an error (corresponding to the scanner.ErrorList).

type Scope Uses

type Scope struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A Scope holds the valid identifiers. In agora, the only scopes are the functions, so each function starts a new scope, and the top-level code is in an implicit top-level function (and thus scope).

type Symbol Uses

type Symbol struct {
    Id   string
    Val  interface{}
    Name string
    Key  interface{}

    Ar  Arity

    First  interface{} // May all be []*Symbol or *Symbol
    Second interface{}
    Third  interface{}
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A Symbol represents a node in the abstract syntax tree generated by the parser. It holds the required information - operands, children, etc. - to generate the bytecode instructions.

func (*Symbol) String Uses

func (s *Symbol) String() string

String returns a literal string representation of the Symbol.

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