clientPackage client provides a simple wrapper around the generated gRPC client for Nexus
cmd/nexusNexus is the command-line interface for Temporal's IPFS private network node orchestrator.
configPackage config provides configuration definitions for Nexus
daemonPackage daemon provides the ipfs-orchestrator's server
delegatorPackage delegator provides the ipfs-orchestrator's network routing functionality
ipfsPackage ipfs wraps the Docker API to provide an interface through which to interact with containerized network nodes
ipfs/internalPackage internal provides internal assets for the NodeManager
ipfs/mockCode generated by counterfeiter.
logPackage log provides utility functions that wrap Uber's Zap logging library
networkPackage network provides port allocation managers
orchestratorPackage orchestrator manages network node operations and database interactions
registryPackage registry provides node information caching and retrieval
temporalPackage temporal provides wrappers for imported Temporal classes
temporal/mockCode generated by counterfeiter.

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