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package log

import ""

Package log provides utility functions that wrap Uber's Zap logging library


Package Files

doc.go log.go middleware.go mock.go

func NewLogger Uses

func NewLogger(logpath string, dev bool) (sugar *zap.SugaredLogger, err error)

NewLogger creates a default "sugared" logger based on dev toggle

func NewMiddleware Uses

func NewMiddleware(l *zap.SugaredLogger) func(next http.Handler) http.Handler

NewMiddleware instantiates a middleware function that logs all requests using the provided logger

func NewProcessLogger Uses

func NewProcessLogger(l *zap.SugaredLogger, process string, fields ...interface{}) *zap.SugaredLogger

NewProcessLogger creates a new logger that sets prefixes on fields for logging a specific process

func NewTestLogger Uses

func NewTestLogger() (sugar *zap.SugaredLogger, out *observer.ObservedLogs)

NewTestLogger bootstraps a test logger that allows interrogation of output

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