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package subscription

import "github.com/ReactiveX/RxGo/subscription"


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var DefaultSubscription = Subscription{}

DefaultSubscription is a default Subscription.

type Subscription Uses

type Subscription struct {
    SubscribeAt   time.Time
    UnsubscribeAt time.Time
    Error         error

Subscription is usually returned from any subscription

func New Uses

func New() Subscription

New creates a DefaultSubscription.

func (Subscription) Err Uses

func (s Subscription) Err() error

Err returns an error recorded from a stream.

func (Subscription) Subscribe Uses

func (s Subscription) Subscribe() Subscription

Subscribe records the time of subscription.

func (Subscription) Unsubscribe Uses

func (s Subscription) Unsubscribe() Subscription

Unsubscribe records the time of unsubscription.

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