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package cmdutil

import ""


Package Files

interfaces.go util.go


var ErrReload = errors.New("reloading config")

ErrReload is an error to return from a command if you want to reload and run again

func ForDefaultClient Uses

func ForDefaultClient(flags Flags, args []string, handler func(*Ctx) error) error

ForDefaultClient will run in a context that runs of any available config including defaults

func ForEachClient Uses

func ForEachClient(flags Flags, args []string, handler func(*Ctx) error) error

ForEachClient will generate a command context for all the available environments and run a command in each of those contexts

func ForSingleClient Uses

func ForSingleClient(flags Flags, args []string, handler func(*Ctx) error) error

ForSingleClient will generate a command context for all the available environments, and run a command for the first context. If more than one environment was specified, then an error will be returned.

type Ctx Uses

type Ctx struct {
    Shop   shopify.Shop
    Conf   config
    Client shopifyClient
    Flags  Flags
    Env    *env.Env
    Args   []string
    Log    *log.Logger
    ErrLog *log.Logger

    Bar *mpb.Bar
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Ctx is a specific context that a command will run in

func (*Ctx) DoneTask Uses

func (ctx *Ctx) DoneTask()

DoneTask will mark one unit of work complete. If the context has a progress bar then it will increment it.

func (*Ctx) Err Uses

func (ctx *Ctx) Err(msg string, inter ...interface{})

Err acts like Printf but will display error messages better

func (*Ctx) StartProgress Uses

func (ctx *Ctx) StartProgress(count int)

StartProgress will create a new progress bar for the running context with the total amount of tasks as the count

type Flags Uses

type Flags struct {
    ConfigPath            string
    VariableFilePath      string
    Environments          []string
    Directory             string
    Password              string
    ThemeID               string
    Domain                string
    Proxy                 string
    Timeout               time.Duration
    Verbose               bool
    DisableUpdateNotifier bool
    IgnoredFiles          []string
    Ignores               []string
    DisableIgnore         bool
    NotifyFile            string
    AllEnvs               bool
    Version               string
    Prefix                string
    URL                   string
    Name                  string
    Edit                  bool
    With                  string
    List                  bool
    NoDelete              bool

Flags encapsulates all the possible flags that can be set in the themekit command line. Some of the values are used across different commands


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