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package release

import ""


Package Files

platform.go release.go release_list.go uploader.go


var (

    // ThemeKitVersion is the version build of the library
    ThemeKitVersion, _ = version.NewVersion("1.0.1")

func Install Uses

func Install(ver string) error

Install will take a semver string and parse it then check if that update is available and install it. If the string is 'latest' it will install the most current. If the string is latest and there is no update it will return an error. An error will also be returned if the requested version does not exist.

func IsUpdateAvailable Uses

func IsUpdateAvailable() bool

IsUpdateAvailable will check if there is an update to the theme kit command and if there is one it will return true. Otherwise it will return false.

func Remove Uses

func Remove(key, secret, ver string) error

Remove will remove a themekit release from the deployed releases list. This will prevent any users from installing the version again. This can only be done will appropriate S3 priviledges

func Update Uses

func Update(key, secret, ver string, force bool) error

Update will update the details of a release or deploy a new release with the deploy feed


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