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package mocks

import ""

Code generated by mockery v1.0.0. DO NOT EDIT.


Package Files

lax_uploader.go uploader.go

type LaxUploader Uses

type LaxUploader struct {

func (*LaxUploader) File Uses

func (_m *LaxUploader) File(string, io.ReadSeeker) (string, error)

func (*LaxUploader) JSON Uses

func (_m *LaxUploader) JSON(string, interface{}) error

type Uploader Uses

type Uploader struct {

uploader is an autogenerated mock type for the uploader type

func (*Uploader) File Uses

func (_m *Uploader) File(_a0 string, _a1 io.ReadSeeker) (string, error)

file provides a mock function with given fields: _a0, _a1

func (*Uploader) JSON Uses

func (_m *Uploader) JSON(_a0 string, _a1 interface{}) error

json provides a mock function with given fields: _a0, _a1

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