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package timer

import ""


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type TimedSched Uses

type TimedSched struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

TimedSched represents the control struct for timed parallel scheduler

var SystemTimedSched *TimedSched = NewTimedSched(runtime.NumCPU())

SystemTimedSched is the library level timed-scheduler

func NewTimedSched Uses

func NewTimedSched(parallel int) *TimedSched

NewTimedSched creates a parallel-scheduler with given parallelization

func (*TimedSched) Close Uses

func (ts *TimedSched) Close()

Close terminates this scheduler

func (*TimedSched) Put Uses

func (ts *TimedSched) Put(f func(), deadline time.Time)

Put a function 'f' awaiting to be executed at 'deadline'

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