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package irc

import ""

Package irc implements IRC handlers for


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func Run Uses

func Run(c *Config)

Run reads the Config, connect to the specified IRC server and starts the bot. The bot will automatically join all the channels specified in the configuration

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Server        string   // IRC server:port. Ex:
    Channels      []string // Channels to connect. Ex: []string{"#go-bot", "#channel mypassword"}
    User          string   // The IRC username the bot will use
    Nick          string   // The nick the bot will use
    Password      string   // Server password
    UseTLS        bool     // Should connect using TLS?
    TLSServerName string   // Must supply if UseTLS is true
    Debug         bool     // This will log all IRC communication to standad output

Config must contain the necessary data to connect to an IRC server

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