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package cors

import "github.com/System-Glitch/goyave/cors"


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type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    // AllowedOrigins is a list of origins a cross-domain request can be executed from.
    // If the first value in the slice is "*" or if the slice is empty, all origins will be allowed.
    // Default value is ["*"]
    AllowedOrigins []string

    // AllowedMethods is a list of methods the client is allowed to use with cross-domain requests.
    // Default value is ["HEAD", "GET", "POST", "PUT", "PATCH", "DELETE"].
    AllowedMethods []string

    // AllowedHeaders is a list of non simple headers the client is allowed to use with
    // cross-domain requests.
    // If the first value in the slice is "*", all headers will be allowed.
    // If the slice is empty, the request's headers will be reflected.
    // Default value is ["Origin", "Accept", "Content-Type", "X-Requested-With", "Authorization"].
    AllowedHeaders []string

    // ExposedHeaders indicates which headers are safe to expose to the API of a CORS
    // API specification
    ExposedHeaders []string

    // MaxAge indicates how long the results of a preflight request can be cached.
    // Default is 12 hours.
    MaxAge time.Duration

    // AllowCredentials indicates whether the request can include user credentials like
    // cookies, HTTP authentication or client side SSL certificates.
    AllowCredentials bool

    // OptionsPassthrough instructs preflight to let other potential next handlers to
    // process the OPTIONS method. Turn this on if your application handles OPTIONS.
    OptionsPassthrough bool

Options holds the CORS configuration for a router.

func Default Uses

func Default() *Options

Default create new CORS options with default settings. The returned value can be used as a starting point for customized options.

func (*Options) ConfigureCommon Uses

func (o *Options) ConfigureCommon(headers http.Header, requestHeaders http.Header)

ConfigureCommon configures common headers between regular and preflight requests: Origin, Credentials and Exposed Headers.

func (*Options) HandlePreflight Uses

func (o *Options) HandlePreflight(headers http.Header, requestHeaders http.Header)

HandlePreflight configures headers for preflight requests: Allowed Methods, Allowed Headers and Max Age.

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