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package alidns

import "github.com/TimothyYe/godns/handler/alidns"


Package Files

alidns.go alidns_handler.go

type AliDNS Uses

type AliDNS struct {
    AccessKeyID     string
    AccessKeySecret string

AliDNS token

func NewAliDNS Uses

func NewAliDNS(key, secret string) *AliDNS

NewAliDNS function creates instance of AliDNS and return

func (*AliDNS) GetDomainRecords Uses

func (d *AliDNS) GetDomainRecords(domain, rr string) []DomainRecord

GetDomainRecords gets all the doamin records according to input subdomain key

func (*AliDNS) UpdateDomainRecord Uses

func (d *AliDNS) UpdateDomainRecord(r DomainRecord) error

UpdateDomainRecord updates domain record

type DomainRecord Uses

type DomainRecord struct {
    DomainName string
    RecordID   string `json:"RecordId"`
    RR         string
    Type       string
    Value      string
    Line       string
    Priority   int
    TTL        int
    Status     string
    Locked     bool

DomainRecord struct

type Handler Uses

type Handler struct {
    Configuration *godns.Settings

Handler struct

func (*Handler) DomainLoop Uses

func (handler *Handler) DomainLoop(domain *godns.Domain, panicChan chan<- godns.Domain)

DomainLoop the main logic loop

func (*Handler) SetConfiguration Uses

func (handler *Handler) SetConfiguration(conf *godns.Settings)

SetConfiguration pass dns settings and store it to handler instance

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