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package cloudflare

import "github.com/TimothyYe/godns/handler/cloudflare"


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type DNSRecord Uses

type DNSRecord struct {
    ID      string `json:"id"`
    IP      string `json:"content"`
    Name    string `json:"name"`
    Proxied bool   `json:"proxied"`
    Type    string `json:"type"`
    ZoneID  string `json:"zone_id"`
    TTL     int32  `json:"ttl"`

DNSRecord for Cloudflare API

func (*DNSRecord) SetIP Uses

func (r *DNSRecord) SetIP(ip string)

SetIP updates DNSRecord.IP

type DNSRecordResponse Uses

type DNSRecordResponse struct {
    Records []DNSRecord `json:"result"`
    Success bool        `json:"success"`

DNSRecordResponse struct

type DNSRecordUpdateResponse Uses

type DNSRecordUpdateResponse struct {
    Record  DNSRecord `json:"result"`
    Success bool      `json:"success"`

DNSRecordUpdateResponse struct

type Handler Uses

type Handler struct {
    Configuration *godns.Settings
    API           string

Handler struct definition

func (*Handler) DomainLoop Uses

func (handler *Handler) DomainLoop(domain *godns.Domain, panicChan chan<- godns.Domain)

DomainLoop the main logic loop

func (*Handler) SetConfiguration Uses

func (handler *Handler) SetConfiguration(conf *godns.Settings)

SetConfiguration pass dns settings and store it to handler instance

type Zone Uses

type Zone struct {
    ID   string `json:"id"`
    Name string `json:"name"`

Zone object with id and name

type ZoneResponse Uses

type ZoneResponse struct {
    Zones   []Zone `json:"result"`
    Success bool   `json:"success"`

ZoneResponse is a wrapper for Zones

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