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package dnspod

import "github.com/TimothyYe/godns/handler/dnspod"


Package Files


type Handler Uses

type Handler struct {
    Configuration *godns.Settings

Handler struct definition

func (*Handler) DomainLoop Uses

func (handler *Handler) DomainLoop(domain *godns.Domain, panicChan chan<- godns.Domain)

DomainLoop the main logic loop

func (*Handler) GenerateHeader Uses

func (handler *Handler) GenerateHeader(content url.Values) url.Values

GenerateHeader generates the request header for DNSPod API

func (*Handler) GetDomain Uses

func (handler *Handler) GetDomain(name string) int64

GetDomain returns specific domain by name

func (*Handler) GetSubDomain Uses

func (handler *Handler) GetSubDomain(domainID int64, name string) (string, string)

GetSubDomain returns subdomain by domain id

func (*Handler) PostData Uses

func (handler *Handler) PostData(url string, content url.Values) (string, error)

PostData post data and invoke DNSPod API

func (*Handler) SetConfiguration Uses

func (handler *Handler) SetConfiguration(conf *godns.Settings)

SetConfiguration pass dns settings and store it to handler instance

func (*Handler) UpdateIP Uses

func (handler *Handler) UpdateIP(domainID int64, subDomainID string, subDomainName string, ip string)

UpdateIP update subdomain with current IP

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