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package datastructures

import "github.com/Workiva/go-datastructures"

Package datastructures exists solely to aid consumers of the go-datastructures library when using dependency managers. Depman, for instance, will work correctly with any datastructure by simply importing this package instead of each subpackage individually.

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augmentedtreePackage augmentedtree is designed to be useful when checking for intersection of ranges in n-dimensions.
bitarrayPackage bitarray implements a bit array.
btree/immutablePackage btree provides a very specific set implementation for k/v lookup.
btree/palmPackage palm implements parallel architecture-friendly latch-free modifications (PALM).
btree/plusPackage btree/plus implements the ubiquitous B+ tree.
fibheapPackage fibheap is an implementation of a priority queue backed by a Fibonacci heap, as described by Fredman and Tarjan.
futuresPackage futures is useful for broadcasting an identical message to a multitude of listeners as opposed to channels which will choose a listener at random if multiple listeners are listening to the same channel.
graphPackage graph provides graph implementations.
hashmap/fastintegerPackage fastinteger is designed to provide a very primitive implementation of a hash map for unsigned integer keys and values.
listPackage list provides list implementations.
numerics/hilbertPackage Hilbert is designed to allow consumers to find the Hilbert distance on the Hilbert curve if given a 2 dimensional coordinate.
queuePackage queue includes a regular queue and a priority queue.
rangetreePackage rangetree is designed to store n-dimensional data in an easy-to-query way.
rangetree/skiplistPackage skiplist implements an n-dimensional rangetree based on a skip list.
rtree/hilbertPackage hilbert implements a Hilbert R-tree based on PALM principles to improve multithreaded performance.
slicePackage Int64 simply adds an Int64-typed version of the standard library's sort/IntSlice implementation.
slice/skipPackage skip defines a skiplist datastructure.
threadsafe/errPackage err implements a threadsafe error interface.
tree/avlPackage avl includes an immutable AVL tree.
trie/ctriePackage ctrie provides an implementation of the Ctrie data structure, which is a concurrent, lock-free hash trie.
trie/dtriePackage dtrie provides an implementation of the dtrie data structure, which is a persistent hash trie that dynamically expands or shrinks to provide efficient memory allocation.
trie/xfastPackage xfast provides access to a sorted tree that treats integers as if they were words of m bits, where m can be 8, 16, 32, or 64.
trie/yfastPackage yfast implements a y-fast trie.

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