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package ponyapi

import "github.com/Xe/PonyAPI/client/go"

Package ponyapi provides glue for applications written in Go that want to use PonyAPI for getting information.


Package Files

doc.go episode.go get.go

func AllEpisodes Uses

func AllEpisodes() ([]*Episode, error)

AllEpisodes gets all information on all episodes or returns an error.

func GetSeason Uses

func GetSeason(season int) ([]*Episode, error)

GetSeason returns all information on season x or returns an error.

func Search(query string) ([]*Episode, error)

Search takes the give search terms and uses that to search the list of episodes.

type Episode Uses

type Episode struct {
    AirDate int    `json:"air_date"`
    Episode int    `json:"episode"`
    IsMovie bool   `json:"is_movie"`
    Name    string `json:"name"`
    Season  int    `json:"season"`

Episode is an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

func GetEpisode Uses

func GetEpisode(season, episode int) (*Episode, error)

GetEpisode gets information about season x episode y or an error.

func LastAired Uses

func LastAired() (*Episode, error)

LastAired returns information on the most recently aried episode or an error.

func Newest Uses

func Newest() (*Episode, error)

Newest returns information on the newest episode or an error.

func Random Uses

func Random() (*Episode, error)

Random returns information on a random episode.

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