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package internalserver

import "github.com/Yelp/fullerite/src/fullerite/internalserver"


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type InternalServer Uses

type InternalServer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

InternalServer will collect from each handler the status and return it over HTTP

func New Uses

func New(cfg config.Config, h InternalStatFunc, c InternalStatFunc) *InternalServer

New createse a new internal server instance

func (*InternalServer) Run Uses

func (srv *InternalServer) Run()

Run starts a server on the specified port listening for the provided path

type InternalStatFunc Uses

type InternalStatFunc func() (stats map[string]metric.InternalMetrics)

InternalStatFunc can be used to extract metrics

type ResponseFormat Uses

type ResponseFormat struct {
    Memory     metric.InternalMetrics
    Handlers   map[string]metric.InternalMetrics
    Collectors map[string]metric.InternalMetrics

ResponseFormat is the structure of the response from an http request

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