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package acceptance

import ""


Package Files

dynamic_client.go load.go namesgenerator.go partition.go

func BidirectionalPartitionNemesis Uses

func BidirectionalPartitionNemesis(t *testing.T, stop <-chan struct{}, c cluster.Cluster)

BidirectionalPartitionNemesis is a nemesis which randomly severs the network symmetrically between two random groups of nodes. Partitioned and connected mode take alternating turns, with random durations of up to 15s.

type NemesisFn Uses

type NemesisFn func(t *testing.T, stop <-chan struct{}, c cluster.Cluster)

A NemesisFn runs a nemesis on the given cluster, shutting down in a timely manner when the stop channel is closed.


clusterPackage cluster is a generated protocol buffer package.

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