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package simulation

import ""


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type Network Uses

type Network struct {
    Nodes   []*Node
    Stopper *stop.Stopper
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Network provides access to a test gossip network of nodes.

func NewNetwork Uses

func NewNetwork(nodeCount int) *Network

NewNetwork creates nodeCount gossip nodes.

func (*Network) CreateNode Uses

func (n *Network) CreateNode() (*Node, error)

CreateNode creates a simulation node and starts an RPC server for it.

func (*Network) GetNodeFromID Uses

func (n *Network) GetNodeFromID(nodeID roachpb.NodeID) (*Node, bool)

GetNodeFromID returns the simulation node associated with provided node ID, or nil if there is no such node.

func (*Network) RunUntilFullyConnected Uses

func (n *Network) RunUntilFullyConnected() int

RunUntilFullyConnected blocks until the gossip network has received gossip from every other node in the network. It returns the gossip cycle at which the network became fully connected.

func (*Network) SimulateNetwork Uses

func (n *Network) SimulateNetwork(simCallback func(cycle int, network *Network) bool)

SimulateNetwork runs until the simCallback returns false.

At each cycle, every node gossips a key equal to its address (unique) with the cycle as the value. The received cycle value can be used to determine the aging of information between any two nodes in the network.

At each cycle of the simulation, node 0 gossips the sentinel.

The simulation callback receives the cycle and the network as arguments.

func (*Network) StartNode Uses

func (n *Network) StartNode(node *Node) error

StartNode initializes a gossip instance for the simulation node and starts it.

func (*Network) Stop Uses

func (n *Network) Stop()

Stop stops all servers and gossip nodes.

type Node Uses

type Node struct {
    Gossip *gossip.Gossip
    Server *grpc.Server
    Addr   net.Addr

Node represents a node used in a Network. It includes information about the node's gossip instance, network address, and underlying server.

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