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package logflags

import ""


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const (
    LogToStderrName     = "logtostderr"
    AlsoLogToStderrName = "alsologtostderr"
    NoColorName         = "no-color"
    VerbosityName       = "verbosity"
    VModuleName         = "vmodule"
    LogBacktraceAtName  = "log-backtrace-at"
    LogDirName          = "log-dir"

LogToStderrName and others are flag names.

func InitFlags Uses

func InitFlags(mu sync.Locker, toStderr *bool, logDir flag.Value,
    nocolor *bool, verbosity, vmodule, traceLocation flag.Value)

InitFlags creates logging flags which update the given variables. The passed mutex is locked while the boolean variables are accessed during flag updates.

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