go-misc: github.com/aclements/go-misc


benchPackage bench reads and writes Go benchmarks results files.
benchcmdCommand benchcmd times a shell command using Go benchmark format.
benchmanyBenchmany runs Go benchmarks across many git commits.
benchplotCommand benchplot plots the results of benchmarks over time.
cl-fetchcl-fetch fetches and tags CLs from Gerrit.
findtypesCommand findtypes compares checkmarks failures with the types in a binary to find likely matches.
git-pCommand git-p prints the status of pending commits on all branches.
gopoolCommand gopool manages a pool of gomote buildlets.
goverCommand gover manages saved Go build trees.
greplogsCommand greplogs searches Go builder logs.
internal/loganalPackage loganal contains functions for analyzing build and test logs produced by all.bash.
memmodelCommand memmodel is a memory model model checker.
ptypeCommand ptype prints Go types from a binary using DWARF info.
rtcheckCommand rtcheck performs static analysis of the Go runtime.
splitPackage split provides a logical value type that is split across one or more shards to achieve better parallelism.

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