go-perf: github.com/aclements/go-perf


cmd/bitstringerCommand bitstringer generates String methods for bit-mask types.
cmd/branchstatsCommand branchstats analyzes branch profiles for branch mispredict rates.
cmd/memanimCommand memanim creates an animation of memory accesses over time from a "perf mem record" profile.
cmd/memlatCommand memlat is a web-based browser for memory load latency profiles.
cmd/perfdumpCommand perfdump prints the raw contents of a perf.data profile.
cmd/prologuerCommand prologuer reports what fraction of samples from a profile are from IPs marked as function prologue in DWARF line tables.
perffilePackage perffile is a parser for Linux perf.data profiles.
perfsessionPackage perfsession provides utilities for tracking session state while processing a perf.data profile.

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