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package pwnedkeys

import ""

Package pwnedkeys looks up Certificates, Certificate requests, Keys, etc in the database.

Lookup is done using the SubjectPublicKeyInfo (SPKI) associated with a key. The SPKI fingerprint of a key (or certificate) is the all-lowercase hex-encoded SHA-256 hash of the DER-encoded form of the subjectPublicKeyInfo ASN.1 structure representing a given public key.


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var (
    // ErrKeyFound is returned when the key was found in database
    ErrKeyFound = errors.New("private key found in database")

    // ErrHashFailed is returned only when the SHA-256 hashing fails.
    ErrHashFailed = errors.New("unable to generate SHA-256 hash")

func CheckCertificate Uses

func CheckCertificate(client *http.Client, cert *x509.Certificate) error

CheckCertificate returns a non-nil error only if the key information is found in the database. Finding key data implies a compromised key.

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