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package testing

import ""


Package Files

routing.go scenario.go

type Scenario Uses

type Scenario struct {
    Sender   *identity.Identity
    Receiver *identity.Identity
    Server   *identity.Identity
    Router   routing.Router

func CreateScenario Uses

func CreateScenario() (scene Scenario, err error)

type StaticRouter Uses

type StaticRouter struct {
    Keys []*identity.Identity

Define a blank router that we can use for testing purposes.

func (*StaticRouter) Lookup Uses

func (t *StaticRouter) Lookup(addr string, typ routing.LookupType) (*identity.Address, error)

func (*StaticRouter) LookupAlias Uses

func (t *StaticRouter) LookupAlias(alias string, typ routing.LookupType) (*identity.Address, error)

func (*StaticRouter) Register Uses

func (t *StaticRouter) Register(*identity.Identity, string, map[string]routing.Redirect) error

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