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Command pdfdeck

pdfdeck is a program for making PDF slides using the deck package.


$ go get
$ pdfdeck deck.xml  # make deck.pdf in current directory

the -grid percent option draws a grid scaled to the specifed percentage on each slide.

the -fontdir option specifies the location of the font directory.

the -sans, -serif, -symbol and -mono options specify fonts.

the -stdout option outputs to standard output.

the -outdir option specifies the directory where PDF files are written; defaults to the current directory.

the -author option adds author metadata.

the -title options adds title metadata.

the -pagesize option specifies the page dimensions (Letter, Legal, Tabloid, A2, A3, A4, A5, ArchA, Index, 4R, Widescreen). Specifying w,h sets an arbitrary dimension, for example -pagesize 1600,900.

the -pages option specifies the range (default all) of pages to be rendered.

the -stdout option specified that output goes to the standard output file.

pdfdeck: make PDF slide decks

Package Files

colors.go doc.go pdfdeck.go

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