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Command svgdeck

svgdeck is a program for making SVG slides using the deck package.


$ go get
$ svgdeck deck.xml  # make deck-nnn.svg in current directory

One SVG file per slide is generated in the output directory. For example, a deck input file named "deck.xml" with 5 slides would generate deck-000.svg through deck-004.svg.

Clicking on any content will navigate to the next slide, cycling to the first slide when the last slide is reached.

the -grid percent option draws a grid scaled to the specifed percentage on each slide.

the -sans, -serif, and -mono options specify fonts.

the -outdir option specifies the directory where SVG files are written; defaults to the current directory.

the -title options adds title metadata.

the -pagesize option specifies the page dimensions (Letter, Legal, A3, A4, A5).

the -stdout option specified that output goes to the standard output file.

the -pagewidth and -pageheight options specify the slide canvas width and height.

svgdeck: make SVG slide decks

Package Files

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