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Command vgdeck

vgdeck is a program for showing presentations on the Raspberry Pi, using the deck and openvg libraries. To install:

go get

To run vgdeck, specify one or more files (marked up in deck xml) on the command line, and each will be shown in turn.

$ vgdeck -slide <number> -loop <pause> -g <percent> sales.xml program.xml architecture.xml

The -slide option begins with the specified slide (slide numbers beyond the size of the deck will start at the end, negative slide number starts at the beginning). The -g (grid) option specified te scale of the x-ray grid. The loop option pauses the specified duration between slides. If loop is not specified, then vgdeck enters an interactive mode using these commands:

Next slide: +, Ctrl-N, [Return]
Previous slide, -, Ctrl-P, [Backspace]
First slide: ^, Ctrl-A
Last slide: $, Ctrl-E
Reload: r, Ctrl-R
X-Ray: x, Ctrl-X
Search: /, Ctrl-F
Save: s, Ctrl-S
Quit: q

All commands are a single keystroke, acted on immediately (only the search command waits until you hit [Return] after entering your search text) To cycle through the deck, repeatedly tap [Return] key

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