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xerver 3.0, a tiny and light transparent fastcgi reverse proxy, copyright 2016, (c) Mohammed Al Ashaal <http://www.alash3al.xyz>, published uner MIT licnese . ----------------------------- *> available options >> --root [only use xerver as static file server], i.e "/var/www/" . >> --backend [only use xerver as fastcgi reverse proxy], i.e "[unix|tcp]:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock" . >> --controller [the fastcgi process main file "SCRIPT_FILENAME"], i.e "/var/www/main.php" >> --http [the local http address to listen on], i.e ":80" >> --https [the local https address to listen on], i.e ":443" >> --cert [the ssl cert file path], i.e "/var/ssl/ssl.cert" >> --key [the ssl key file path], i.e "/var/ssl/ssl.key" *> available internals >> Xerver-Internal-ServerTokens [off|on] >> Xerver-Internal-FileServer [file|directory] >> Xerver-Internal-ProxyPass [transparent-http-proxy]

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